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SPIRITUAL HEALING , Hands on Healing , the working with 'Cosmic' or 'Healing' energy, has been known to mankind for thousands of years. There are reports about practicing priests in Babylon, Egypt and Greece. From the Hindus with their Chakra therapies working with Prana to the Qi Gong Masters in China working with Qi. Not to forget healings attributed to Jesus or Buddha. And more recently in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century , Mikao Usui completed his sh�gy� training (the 21-day meditation on kurama yama) and discovered a vast omnipotent spiritual energy that can be channeled for healing. Usui named his healing technique Usui Reiki Ry�h� Gakkai - Reiki.

In 1955 the NFSH (The Healing Trust - National Federation of Spiritual Healers) was founded in Britain. It's first and founding member being the renown healer Harry Edwards.

I know this not a comprehensive list and there is more cultures working with healing in one form or the other. Today with the New Age movement multiple different techniques and forms of healing are being practiced, taught or re-discovered. There is Healing with Angels, Atlantis Healing, Vortex healing, Pranic healing etc., to just name a few.

Where the teachings might vary, the philosophies be different and the healing source have different names with all of the above, generally the Healer is seen as a channel for a Healing Energy which is provided to the Healee to help her/ him heal themselves.

Numerous studies into healing have been conducted over the last decades. And Meta-studies like e.g. ' Healing Research: Volume I, Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution by Daniel J Benor, MD. reviews 191 controlled studies of healing. ' show that even though not 100% of people seem or feel helped, the effect of healing and it's results are statistically significant.

Some results achieved appear to be able to give hope to chronic or terminal ill patients that have been classed 'therapy resistant' by the medical profession. Even if a full recovery could only be shown for some patients in these studies, a significant amount of   patients reported an increase of their quality of life - an effect not to be belittled, knowing the daily extreme suffering some of these patients go through.

Over the last half century more and more medically well documented case studies have been reported too , e.g. 'Barbara G. Koopman/ Richard A.Blasband, "Two Case Reports of distant Healing: New Paradigms at work?", Alternative Therapies 8 (1) 2002, pg 116-120.

Spiritual Healing/ Reiki works on all levels being spiritual; mental; emotional and physical. It helps re-balance these where necessary, release energetic blockages and helps dispose of 'stale' energies safely (and who does not have some e.g. emotional baggage, they would not be happy to be rid off). Where a well balanced organism is associated with well-being and health. Healing work can be very complex and complicated, it might be far reaching, it may not just benefit ones physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, but also ones life. In my experience one can fully trust the healing energies to know what they are doing though. If you are further interested or worried about any aspect of Healing I'll be happy to discuss them when we meet.

Considering that some psychics can actually see 'sick' energies in the human auric field ( the energy levels around the human physical body) before they manifest in actual physical illnesses, one could deduct that Healing, even when not being medically sick, might have a preventative curative value - besides generally being perceived as very relaxing and energizing.

I personally see spiritual healing work mainly like an internal shower/ cleanse for all the different Lightbodies we posses. As humans we accumulate stresses, fears, feeling of guilt or other unpleasant emotions, and or thoughts, over time. Not all of these negative energies seem to be digested or removed through a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, including excersise. Spiritual healing work and or meditation can help cleanse out this 'baggage' safely, and help heal any potential damage it might have caused. 

Energy-, Intuitive-, Hands-on or SPIRITUAL HEALING , whatever you like to call it, is non-denominational and one does not have to be a believer for it to work. (this considering that there have been studies with children, animals, plants, cells, even non-animate matter where positive results from Healing energies have been shown)

Results can sometimes come quickly, but may take some more time with other bigger more complex problems.

Since one strengthens ones eternally young and beautiful spirit there is those who claim healing can be rejuvenating and could also support e.g. desired weight loss.

If you have any spiritual believe or practise any religion yourself, I do recommend it as prudent to ask for higher protection before any kind of spiritual work performed or being performed on yourself. I am a member of the NFSH Healing Trust, as well as a Reiki Master and as such will always ask for spiritual protection for both of us re the energies I am channelling before each session. Since this is a promise that is hard to proof though, nearly impossible for you to monitor and I have met self-proclaimed healers who did not really have their clients' best interest at heart, personally, I definitely will not be offended if you do ask for protection yourself too.

Healing is generally considered very safe and side effect free. Sometimes though ( in my experience very rarely), similar to e.g. in Homeopathy, healing-crisis are reported. As an example - during the Healing (and sometimes for sometime after) an old pain or tucked away emotion could come up again and be felt as it passes through on it's way out. In a way one could see it as some energies kicking and screaming as they are being removed or from when their removal has been initialized. One might feel somewhat worse before feeling better. Again I have not seen this very often with my clients though!

I do think myself to be well protected and experienced - should you seek help for Spirit Release work or the like, that includes work on what you might fear are curses or black magic, sent to harm you, I am happy to help.

I also have ample experience in working with Hara, Kundalini and Soul Star energies. Whereas I generally do not 'push' any energy work and especially not any work on Hara or Kundalini levels, there is frequently some healing happening on those levels too. So if you are searching for Kundalini Healing, Hara Healing or Soul Star Healing, l am happy to help.

During my years of working as a Spiritual Healer and Masseur clearing spaces has become second nature, so I feel confident I can offer you high quality Space Clearing. Space Clearing is recommended if you are looking for a fresh start in a new home or business premise or are looking to cleanse out stale and or other uncomfortable energies from your current home or place of business. I work with high quality incense and spiritual techniques. I'll also ask for spiritual structures (such as etheric crystals etc) to be installed, so your property will hopefully be more protected and keep auto-cleansing itself, to a certain degree, after I leave.

REIKI/ SPIRITUAL HEALING can be sent and received as DISTANT HEALING worldwide, as for the spiritually helping and healing energies utilized, space/ distance is no limitation. I'll be happy to therefore send healing to you as DISTANT HEALING if you are abroad or life further out and have problems getting to mine. For this usually I arrange a certain time frame or date for the energy to be sent. Specific times can initially be set as well. A DISTANT HEALING session usually last anything between 30-75min.

I don't conduct any Past Life Regression work, but am confident that the REIKI/ SPIRITUAL HEALING will clear potential past life blocks, contracts etc. where necessary

REIKI/ SPIRITUAL HEALING sessions usually consist of a brief chat/ talk and then the actual energy healing. I am happy to offer Personal Guided Meditations as well though, talk you through your chakras and the healing process, to help you to learn to give healing to yourself!

(NB - as I have only just moved to Cologne in Aug 2017 Healer Group sessions are currently difficult in Cologne, unless we add Distant Healers from London to the session). I have many healer friends and colleagues I trust, so if you want me to organize a Healer Group to perform a Group Healing Session/ Healer Group Session on you, I'll be happy to organize. Healings performed by a group of healers should be more powerful (there is only so much energy an individual healer can channel for you) and might speed up a healing processes. The risk of Healing Crisis might be slightly elevated though, especially for relative novice healees. I am confident though that the benefits with Spiritual Healing will always outstrip the potential side effects - and if time is of the essence for your healing process you and one-on-one healing sessions are not showing quick enough results, Healer Group Sessions might be the right thing.

RATES in my Therapy Room in Central Cologne (Alstadt Nord). For Space Clearings or Healer Group Sessions please enquire for rates. 

For Distant Healing an initial telephone or Skype meet can be arranged.

For Bookings please
call/ text my mobile:  0049 (0) 151 5225 0450 (aktiv from Sept 2017)

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The aim of my services and of the information on this website is to serve you with honesty and integrity. As much as I would like to promise you miracles (especially regarding Spiritual Healing), I cannot promise them. - I do though promise that I will always try to help to the best of my knowledge and with my heart and soul. I will endeavour to keep it realistic and meaningful!