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What is an Empath/ HSP/ Sensitive?

Aims of Empath Healing

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What is an  Empath, HSP, Sensitive

An empath/ clairsentient is a person, who is more sensitive than the average Jo/ Jane. He/ she will at times actually be able to feel another being’s emotions (be they good or bad), and could have a fairly good idea what someone else might be thinking or believing. That might sound like a great psychic power, but actually feeling another being’s pain, sadness, depression etc. can feel just as real as one’s own emotions. Empaths often say they feel like they are a sponge for other people’s emotions, which can end up in empaths feeling quite overwhelmed. Some Empaths seem to be born with their abilities, others, like myself, have discovered their abilities through spiritual work, such meditation and self-healing. 

In contrast an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person might show increased sensitivity to e.g. sounds, or smells, but might not, like empaths, also be able to feel other people's emotions. 

There is other forms of extra-sensory abilities, such as clairvoyance, claircognience and clairaudience. Some sensitives have more than one extra-sensory ability, others might only have developed one (so far). Whatever a sensitives' abilities though, it can (initially) be a struggle to understand them, establish how accurate they are, and deal with them. 


Aims of Empath Healing and Sensitives Support

Personally I am mainly clairsentient, somewhat clairaudient and a little clairvoyant. I have done quite a lot of research into the origins and behaviour of energies, as well as the ethics of healing - so I should be able to help most sensitives on some level. – I’ll definitely lend a sympathetic ear.

I am not sure if any sensitive on this planet already has no downsides at all from his/her abilities. Myself I think I can say that I have found understandings and tools to cope well most days - which I am happy to share. 

That said if you require more specific support in e.g. analyzing what specific visions mean, or what colour your aura is, I might not be your man.

Empath healing and Sensitives Support aims at increasing your confidence in your abilities, but also in giving you tools to cope better with your abilities. Mainly these are cleansing tools, tools to help you rid yourself again of negative emotions etc. picked up.  Cleansing tools are important, as other more conventional therapy tools, such as analyzing the source of one’s suffering, or turning negative thoughts positive can have little effect for sensitives (considering that what they sense is often  not self-generated, but ‘picked-up’, or e.g. energetic (healing) resistances from the outside). I’ll be happy to just administer Spiritual Healing/ Reiki for you too. I have had several empath / HSP clients in the past, so am confident I won't be overwhelmed, by whatever you might have collected or encountered… Empath healing and Sensitives Support also aims at creating a positive outlook on life - being an empath/ sensitive. I will kid you not – being an empath/ sensitive can be a challenge. Even with good tools it can still be hard work at times, but the general trend should/ can be increased well-being.  

As a Spiritual Healer and having developed my abilities through spiritual practice, my support and guidance mainly utilizes spiritual techniques.

DISCLAIMER: I am a Spiritual Healer/ Reiki Master and Empath (only got certificates for the first two). I am NOT a medical professional, psycho-therapist, -analyst or psychologist. Empath Healing and Sensitives Support is spiritual and empathic support for empaths and other sensitives. I do not diagnose illnesses (physical, mental or otherwise) or treat! Also I cannot 'diagnose' if you have extrasensory abilities.

For some common Empath self-healing tools, please also refer to my blog.

How to book


I can either offer 1-on-1 sessions in Cologne (Altstadt Nord)/ Germany, or via Skype (worldwide). Please call or e-mail to arrange a session.

For Bookings please call/ text my mobile:  0049 (0) 151 5225 0450 (aktiv from Sept 2017)

Or e-mail:



The aim of my services and of the information on this website is to serve you with honesty and integrity. As much as I would like to promise you miracles (especially regarding Spiritual Healing), I cannot promise them. - I do though promise that I will always try to help to the best of my knowledge and with my heart and soul. I will endeavour to keep it realistic and meaningful!