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About Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy

What are Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy Techniques?

Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy – Reiki combinations

Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy and Medical Massage

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Feel free to call me, to ascertain if you could benefit from SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY - I'll be happy to consult.

About Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy

SPORTS MASSAGE is called SPORTS MASSAGE , but it should really be called SOFT TISSUE THERAPY. Whereas Level 5 (BETC) SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY Therapist do learn about common sports related injuries and how to treat them, what they learn, with regards to advance massage and stretching techniques, can just as well be used for ‘desk-‘ and other work- or posture related problems, or even injuries due to such. SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY Therapist will have been trained more in depth about muscles, muscle functions, the major joints etc., then say a Swedish Massage Therapist, in his/ her training.

SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY can be bit more engaged and interactive then more relaxing massages, such as Swedish or HAWAIIAN MASSAGE. I.e. there might be an initial postural assessment, joint ROM (Range of Movement) assessments, more position changes and you might be asked to e.g. push against resistance etc. Theoretically SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY only needs to be applied to particular problem areas or injured parts, but one can just as well give a whole-body massage, which contains SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY techniques – and with it combines the benefits of both therapies: relaxing whole body massage and deep, targeted and effective SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY. I'll also provide you with homecare advise where sensible. 

SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY techniques can be highly effective and assist both injury healing, as well as post work-out or post-event recovery. Whether you are looking or pre- or post-event support, maintenance massage or help speeding up recovery from soft-tissue injuries, as well as prevent excessive scarring post-injury – you can ask a SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY Therapists for help!

What are Sports Massage Techniques?

The repertoire of a SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY Therapist (BETC – Level 5), includes (besides all the relaxing massage techniques previously learned, during basic massage training) :

-          Deep Tissue Massage Techniques – Deep massage to help blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and  reach deeper and deep muscle layers

-          NMT – Neuromuscular Technique (a bit like in acupressure, deep pressure on a point or area is applied (a tight muscle string or Tender-/ Trigger Points) to trigger a relaxation and healing responses 

-          MFR – Myofascial Release – to e.g . release fascial tightness , constrictions, adhesions or scarring

-          MET Muscle Energy Technique – an advanced stretching technique, which can increase ROM (where diminished) and ‘teach’ muscle fibers to rest at a more natural longer length

-          STR – Soft Tissue Release  - a combination of movement and targeted muscle fiber locks, to release specific muscle parts

-          Strain counterstrain (SCS) or Positional Release – your therapist finds tender points, whist moving a shortened, aching muscle into a ‘release’ position, which supposedly can help your nervous system and muscles to remember a non-aching, relaxed position (personally I am not too keen on this technique, but some do swear by it)

-          MLD – Mild Lymphatic Drainage – to assist the body in draining lymph fluid, especially due to injury edema

-          DTF – Deep Tissue Frictions – to break down fibrosis, especially in connection with strains or sprains, but also old scars…

Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy – Reiki combinations

I am happy to combine Healing work and Sportsmassage (a lot like Spiritual Healing-/ Reiki Massage). In my experience (I am aware that it is hard to quantify!), adding Energy work, can help clients relax quicker and deeper, and with this decrease their pain sensitivity - besides potentially adding possible additional healing effects. I know that many people do believe in a ‘No Pain No Gain’ philosophy, but I for one am quite happy, if, for myself, the same (or greater?) remedial effect can be achieved with less pain. I cannot promise that a Spiritual Healing – SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY combination will be pain free, but it should ideally be in a more comfortable good-pain range. As with any massage, clients are asked to communicate about any potential pain or discomfort, that is too uncomfortable, throughout.

Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy and Medical Massage

SPORTS MASSAGE Therapists also learn about basic Medical Massage; how to assist clients with massage suffering from e.g. Parkinson’s; MS; Muscular Dystrophy; Myasthenia Gravis; Cerebral Palsy; Emphysema, Pleurisy; High Blood Pressure (if not controlled, medical referral required); Constipation; Arthritis (only if not currently acute phase); Ankylosis spondylitis; Fibromyalgia; Spondylosis; CFS; RSI. For general massage contra-indications, please see below.


for SPORTS MASSAGE/ SOFT TISSUE THERAPY in my Therapy Room in Cologne (Alstadt Nord)

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List of Contra-Indications:

  • Infectious skin disease (we are not talking verucas here or athletes foot, which can be worked around)
  • A rash.
  • An unhealed wound.
  • Immediately after surgery.
  • If you’re prone to blood clots.
  • Cardio – vascular conditions ( heart conditions,  hypotension, thrombosis, phlebitis) especially if not under control
  • It should never be performed directly over bruises.
  • Inflamed or infected injuries.
  • Areas of bleeding or heavy tissue damage.
  • At the sites of recent fractures or sprains.
  • Cancer patients immediately after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Avoid massage over any known tumor.
  • In any area with a recent surgical incision.
  • Massage in the abdominal area for at least two hours after eating.
  • Abdominal hernia.
  • Abdominal massage should also be strictly avoided during the first three months of pregnancy, during this period, massage of the feet is also inadvisable.
  • If you have a fever
  • Medical Oedema
  • Kidney infections
  • Osteoporosis (I understand this only applies for 'strong' cases. I cannot be the judge on this, so if you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, you will need your doctor to have told you weather you can receive massage!)
  • Varicose Veins (not an exclusion, but generally varicose veins should not me massaged, so I'd have to omit massaging that area of a client's body)

It is understandable that you might be looking for TLC if suffering from any of the above conditions. If massage is contraindicated, I should be happy to offer Reiki/ Spiritual Healing, as this therapy does not have above restrictions (- see: )