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Personal Meditation Services

Work-based Relaxation or Meditation Service


Meditation is an ancient human practice utilized for spiritual health and growth. I understand meditation as any activity that includes a conscious connection to a higher spiritual energy source – be that to heighten awareness, or to attain any of the following: 

- spiritual growths
- cleansing help,
- healing, 
- wisdom, 
- comfort, 
- intuition/ communication with a higher power, 
- improved creativity, 
- quietness, 
- or else. 

Meditation  can take different forms, be that the e.g. typical sitting or lying down, creative writing, dance, walk etc. At some stage of a human’s spiritual development he/ she might ne 'connected' 24/7 and even do the washing up in meditation mode…

Whereas initially I learned about the having to sit down in quiet and become ‘empty’ form of meditation, over the years I have found that Spirit is far more practical and we are allowed to meditate wherever we are, whatever we are doing! Furthermore our mind is not an enemy to be overcome (like often taught), but rather our friend and a very useful tool to utilize. 


Personal Meditation Service

 I have meditated regularly  and otherwise worked with energies for 20+ years, plus I am an accredited Meditation Teacher (Gateway Workshops ). The Personal Mediation Service I offer is here to help you with all your mediation needs.  Be that an Introduction to Meditation, A Guided Meditation Service, A Meditation Partner (meditating in groups (2+) can potentially amplify spiritual connections and energy amounts, hence making ones meditation stronger and clearer). You are also welcome to share the hourly cost with a friend (or two, which would be the maximum capacity to host in my therapy room).

For some deeper insights into meditation see also some of my blog posts.

Work-based Relaxation or Meditation Service

I'll be happy to come onsite, to companies in Central Cologne for 1-on-1, or group guided Relaxation or Meditation Sessions.


in my Therapy Room in Cologne (Alstadt Nord)

For Bookings please call/ text my mobile:  0049 (0) 151 5225 0450 (aktiv from Sept 2017)

Or e-mail: